Rapper 50 Cent has often been praised for having business savvy behind his hip-hop stage persona. But if the latest reports are right, we think Fiddy will be conjuring up his “G-Unit Days” with someone on his team.

According to the New York Daily News, 50’s American Express account was used to make several unauthorized purchases at vendors near his Farmington, Conn. Home.

The Daily News believes that who ever is responsible for illegally using the G-Unit front man and Vitamin Water’s spokesperson, is someone within access to his personal information. If that is true, that means someone from within his own entourage would be taking money from under 50’s nose.

Last year, the account number was used at an electronic boutique in West Hartford as the caller attempted to order two Sony flat-screen televisions. Suspicious, the store told the man he would have to pick it up in person. Later when two young men arrived in a rental car to pick up their flat screens courtesy of 50, police were there to greet them.

A defensive for one of the men said that he could not comment on the particular case but that he has been “in court at least three times” when 50’s name “has popped up as a victim of credit card crime.”

American Express did not report the car stolen and 50 has been mum on the issue as a whole. It’s the second time in the past few months that the rapper has found himself dealing with some chaos. In December, the rapper was the victim of a home burglary, when two men were found in his closet drinking wine and roaming through his house.

Would you give someone in your circle your financial information or is that too much of a risk? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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