From Black Voices — Women claim they want a nice guy who’s in touch with his emotions, is sensitive to issues and worldly causes and is wonderful in every way. He loves puppies and isn’t afraid of shedding a few tears. You can take him home to your parents, showing him off like a shiny silver dollar.

Honestly, though, who the heck wants a sensitive guy? Nobody, that’s who. At least that’s what I first thought. I’ll admit, when I first sat down to write about sensitive men and how much they stink, I immediately thought of a funny, tongue-in-cheek piece about, well, how sensitive men stink. However, a friend asked me a question about the topic, and it got me thinking beyond the surface. How was I defining the word “sensitive”?

I thought, sensitive is sensitive! How could it mean anything other than what sensitive means? And then I thought about it; how men and women differ in their relationships, both how they get into them and out of them, and especially how they conduct themselves while in them. Sensitive doesn’t just mean he cried profusely when you watched ‘Titanic’ on TBS last weekend. It’s so much more complex. Men who are in touch with their feminine side seemingly have the long end of the stick because they are far more successful in relationships. They communicate well, convey emotion as needed, are sensitive to their woman’s needs and have the qualities ofCliff HuxtableWomen never have to nag sensitive men because they just know exactly what to do to make her happy.

Most sensitive men are nice guys as well. You rarely meet a jerk who happens to be emotionally in tune with a woman’s needs. Although there are quite a large number of jerks with major emotional issues, they’re still jerks, so they barely count. In the end, you wind up with a nice guy who feels you and has feelings all at the same time. Congrats.

Yet there is a reason women constantly go after emotionally unavailable men. The insensitive bastards who give us a challenge and, whether we consciously realize it or not, give us the chance to take care of him — something women love to do. It’s what makes women, women: our innate need to nurture and take care of someone or something. It’s the maternal instinct and it’s just as big a part of us as estrogen is.

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  • jamesfrmphilly

    the maternal instinct is great for raising children…….no so much for grown men

  • Happy

    I think that’s the issue . When did a sensitive man become in touch with his feminine side? And as the author implied, when did sensitivity become a female only emotion?

    This type of thinking is what forces men to run away from being open and understanding of the way they feel. When they have both men AND WOMEN telling them, your estrogen is too much or you cry too much, or you only have 2 crying passes in your life, these men end up becoming the ridiculous pre-adult males we have in society.

    • tabula rasa

      Thank You.

      It’s more than frustrating that the term/category ‘feminine’ can only be ascribed to females and ‘masculine’ can only be ascribed to males. What a restrictive and inauthentic way to live as a human being.

  • KingJason

    Word of advice men cringe when we hear “feminine side”. We despise that.