In his new video, Bilal is doing more than giving us beautiful music, he is championing a cause.

Bilal says the video for “Little One” is a tribute to his son and for children and their families dealing with Autism everywhere. Autism affects 1 out of every 100 children in America and is seen more frequently in boys, with 1 out of 70 reporting having the condition as well.

Bilal has spoken openly about the struggles he faced after his son’s early diagnosis of Autism and says he hopes this video will speak to those who are facing the challenges and raise awareness with those who do not know. “Little One” is the latest video from Bilal’s Airtight’s Revenge. The video stars actress Erica Hubbard from Let’s Stay Together and actor, Dorian Missick from SixDegrees.

What do you think of Bilal’s “Little One” video, Clutchettes? Love it or leave it alone?

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  • LaTrina

    Beautiful instrumentation…powerful words…amazing voice. I’m about to go get the album off of iTunes. I loved this, Bilal. Thank you from those of voice that love timeless meaningful music.

  • boogie woogie

    I always wondered what causes autism. I heard the rumor that down syndrome has to do with the father at conception (genes) and autism the mother at conception. I dont know about all this but makes you wonder what causes it. Wow, that was something for him to do this video.

  • Brighterday4K

    Beautiful! I love.

  • kim

    i didn’t understand the video at first. had no clue what it was about. i had to look it up, now that i know it’s about autism, i have a better understanding of it. it’s a lovely song.