The list of people who have not been cursed out by Bill Cosby seems to get shorter and shorter every day.

Yesterday, the ‘Cos appeared on NBC’s “Today” show to speak about the state of the country’s education system. But it was clear by the end of his interview with host Meredith Viera that Cosby had come to do some teaching of his own.

Sitting to speak with the Viera, just minutes after her interview with Donald Trump, the ‘Cos made no secret of what he thought of Trump’s birther talk.

When Viera mentioned Trump’s name, Cosby went off saying:

“Oh please with Donald Trump,” he said. “Take him home with you.”

A clearly rattled Viera asked Cosby why he said that, getting only this response from Cosby,

“Because he’s full of it.”

After his curt response came what were possibly the longest five seconds of on-air silence of all time.

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Cosby then explained that a little tolerance for Trump building suspense around his possible presidential run. While we feel his point, the entire exchange was one of the most absurdly awkward moments from the ‘Cos yet.
What do you think of Bill Cosby’s latest outbust? Does he have a point or is he just all types of wrong?

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