Ladies, we’ve all been there. While walking down the street, in the mall, out to dinner with friends, at work, or on our way to class, at some point in time a man approaches us and instead of flat out telling him we’re not interested, we kick the “I have a man” excuse to spare his feelings and to keep it with minimal drama.

But apparently, we’ve been taking the wrong approach all along.

While checking Facebook the other day, I saw that one of my friends had linked to this comical video from YouTube comedian Jerry Lavigne Jr. that gives men advice on what to do when a woman hits him with the “I have a man” excuse.

Clutchettes, we’ve been busted. The next time a man you’re not interested in approaches you, be honest…or risk being accosted by one of Lavigne’s YouTube followers.

Check out Lerry Lavigne Jr.’s video & tell us what you think!


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  • gotcha

    lmao.. not only is he fine but he funny as hell.. what he saying has happened to me.. the guy was like “what you can’t have friends”.. i said why do i need additional male friends.. i said that’s not cool.. he was like he don’t care, is he controlling me.. i couldn’t finish the convo cause it’s was hilarious.. i just kept laughing..

    i wasn’t interested though.. but i don’t want no guy harassing me to the point where now he’s calling me names.. cause then i got to bring out the D word.. u know DESPERATE!!!!

  • jane

    LOL. cute.

  • tbizz

    When I started watching I was thought, how is he getting that response he’s cute…but after listening I can see. He’s yummy though so I would give him the ‘I got a man’ just so I can look into his eyes for a extra minute and then he would get the ‘bleep, I’m not interested bc you talk to much oh you never shut up’ I am sure he’s just being funny though so then again, I would let him holla what he’s cute

  • martine quinn

    #dead…i haven’t laffed that hard in a long long time. this guy is hilarious. people, it’s a joke. you know jk lolol….le sigh

  • A Guy Not In Brooklyn

    I’ve gotten the “I have a man excuse.” However, in one situation, a woman I met at a restaurant bar flipped it on me. We got into a conversation, I made it obvious that I was interested and asked for her number. She declined and told me she had a man, but by the time she finished her meal (and another drink lol) and an hour long conversation with me, she offered to give me her number. She just threw me into the category of just another guy trying to holla and get her in the bed.
    Nothing came out of this encounter because I found out she actually did have a man (she was 32 and in a 10 year relationship and still not married), but I say that to say that women should give men a chance when they actually don’t have a man.

    • ALIG83

      “I say that to say that women should give men a chance when they actually don’t have a man.”

      Women give chances to men who they are interested in. It sounds to me that you believe women should give a chance to men simply because they aren’t currently dating someone.