Despite approval ratings south of 50-percent, many have speculated that President Obama can’t be beaten in the 2012.

The problem? Many electable Republicans, like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, seem hesitant to jump into the race, and those getting the most face time proudly pander to the fringe.

Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Scott Walker, and Newt Gingrich have all been making a lot of noise lately. Trump has quickly ascended to the top of the Republican pack of potential candidates despite his personal history of failed marriages and questionable business dealings. Lately, the Donald has been clinging to birther conspiracies harder than Pookie held onto the pipe—making himself look both completely ridiculous to us rational folk, and utterly engaging to Obama-haters and Tea Parties everywhere.

But can he win?

While the media’s been buzzing about Donald Trump’s recent foray into the political sphere, little attention has been paid to previous Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, who announced today that he’ll be throwing his hat in the ring yet again.

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The 2008 Presidential elections seemed to go on forever. Then Senator Obama announced he was running for President more than a year-and-a-half before the race, and it was no secret Hillary Clinton was primed to take her best shot at the White House as well. But as we close in on just a year before the 2012 elections, only two notable Republicans—former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney—have declared they’re running, and nobody seems to even care at all.

So can the Republicans beat President Obama in 2012? Sure, but from the looks of things, it’s definitely not likely.

What do you think? Will President Obama win another term in office or will a credible Republican candidate step up to challenge him? Sound off!

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  • Leah

    As a New Jerseyian, let me tell you–we need to pray that Corpulent Christie never runs. He’s a bully that can’t relate to the lower and middle classes. Like a typical Republican, he aims to cut spending by eliminating programs that support lower income classes. He also shares a mutual hate with the New Jersey branch of the NEA–fortunately, his many battles with them is currently preoccupying his attention away from his true agenda.

    I for one don’t think Christie would be electable and for more reason than just his bullying nature. As everyone knows the presidential race is as much about image as it is about politics. America would not want to confirm to the rest of the world that we truly are the fattest nation, by electing the fattest world leader. Furthermore, it’s insulting for someone like him to have the nerve to talk about fiscal cut backs when its quite clear that he doesn’t have the willpower to cut back his grocery bill, or to cut back from the trough he calls a dinner table!