Carol’s Daughter tapped Cassie, Solange Knowles and Selita Ebanks for a new multicultural ad campaign aimed at redefining what it means to be beautiful.

Photographed by Cliff Watts at Milk Studios, the three starlets represent multiple ethnicities—Cassie, African-American and Filipina, Selita, Jamaican, Irish, Indian and African and Solange, African-American and French Creole—which coincides with trends emerging from the U.S. Census as Chairman Steve Stoute told WWD.

“What we’re doing now is moving into a polyethnic space. When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities,” Stoute explained. “If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves. That’s in line with the Census data coming out — people are checking much more than two boxes.”

The three stars’ looks are just as diverse as their ethnicities. Their hair textures range from sleek tresses to waves to natural curls and skin tones from olive to brown. With the new campaign which debuts in June, Carol’s Daughter becomes one of the first beauty brands, alongside Estee Lauder, to recognize the value in marketing to diverse clients with various complexions and hair types.

The company’s goal is to appeal to a “millennial generation, which is basically a colorless society,” said Stoute. “They don’t see color anymore. They’ll say, ‘my father’s black, my mother’s white’ — there are all these ethnicities that make up these people, and what we decided to do was mirror what’s happening in America.”

What do you think of Carol’s Daughter’s new campaign? Do you agree that America is becoming a more “colorless” society?

-Jessica C. Andrews


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  • Wee wee see see

    Those darn french wiennies have strong genes! Those french creoles are beautiful people. They may have been mixed back when what hundreds of years ag but now they are just pretty much white looking.Too be french creole and black and still have those traces of that history and be black like most barnyard babies. French fries that made alot of spuds! LOL

    I guess that would explain that french name beyonce?

    Black people that is why they come in so many colors. You have some with genes from hundreds of years ago. What possibly could Carol Daughter be redefining? They act like they have a revelation or something! Hmmm….

    Sounds and looks like bad advertising run a muck!

  • lola

    Sorry, but these spokesmodels are a fail. If your audience is black women, why would you hire Cassie? Her hair texture is not one most black women can relate to. Her hair needs are not the same as those with kinky hair. Solange? French creole? Really? This entire campaign is silly and horrible marketing. There are many models that could have been used,but more importantly CD doesn’t seem to understand or care to understand its core audience. They need better PR.