Many times Black women who are lesbian, bisexual or transgender feel left out of the media spotlight given to their communities. When the topics turn to gay and lesbian rights, many times Black women are—once again—left out of the debate. Luckily, a new website, Elixher.com, aims to change this.

Writer and editor (and fellow Clutchette!) Kimberley McLeod wants to ensure that Black lesbian, bisexual and transgender women have a voice. After years of working in the media industry, McLeod was tired of not seeing representations of Black LBT women. So what’s a woman to do? Create your own space!

“In a time where the suicide rate among our youth is on the rise, where unequal marriage laws put families and children at risk, where rape is dismissed as ‘corrective,’ it is absolutely imperative that we promote affirming images of ourselves and our multifacetedness.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Elixher.com is “a concoction of all things queer, culture and current,” check it out today!


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