From Frugivore — Concealing the truth is an American pastime.  We do it everyday in our conversations or even job interviews; we make sure our presentation rarely blends with reality.   The fashion industry allows people to hide their body shapes without shame, marketing fashionable women’s clothes via emaciated female models or tailored men’s suits that cover up most males’ unflattering, undeveloped regions.  As long as person is put together well, no one really wants, or has the time, to question what’s underneath the allure.

In this culture, for most people, unhealthy is synonymous with fat.  Obese people walk around with their addiction, or infliction, in full sight, much to the chagrin of these hapless people who are subject to instantaneous, negative judgments.  America is in the grips of an epidemic, but are obese people unfairly made the scapegoats?

Conversely, the people who are at the greatest risk of health complications are the ones deemed “skinny fat.”  Skinny fat people walk around anonymously because they don’t carry the stigma of obesity.  Since it’s rare for a skinny fat person to encounter anyone constantly hassling or shaming them into better shape for health reasons, they tend to eat as poorly, or even worse, as an overweight person and make weight gain or loss decisions based upon superficial reasons.

Skinny fat is a colloquial term for people who have a skinny frame but may carry visceral fat deposits around the midsection, chest, or buttocks.  Men who are skinny fat usually can be a little easier to spot, as they will have undeveloped arms or legs with the presence of “man boobs.”

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  • Isis

    I’m skinny fat. My weight fluctuates. I weigh 125 now but if you look at me you would think I’m about 10 pounds heavier. What I think they mean by skinny fat is a person that has like no muscle mass. That’s me! Its really sad b/c folks with my body type have to work out hard as hell to get muscle mass that comes naturally to regular people.

  • not seeingit

    I dont see beyonce being skinny fat. I dont how many cayenne waters she drinks. I like her and her sister. I like their songs! I think beyonce has a beautiful shape. Like I love my legs and boobs! LOL. I am sticking working on the rest and I like them when they get where I want them to be! LOL. I think thick women is the same as skinny fat I guess. I think most men prefer thick women vs skinny or well nourished. I dont see beyonce being skinny fat but proportionate.

    • Rasheeda

      This has got to be the densest group of broads on a internet site. The article is a commentary piece about people who look like JAY-Z not Beyonce.

      I get it! He is skinny fat. No doubt…Read the article, whoever wrote this article explains who is skinny fat!

  • what happened

    I cant believe that this article is talking about man boobs or jayz for that matter. Now I am not going there on jayz and I didnt even bother to look at the pic to realize after reading the article they discussed him or his supposed man boobs.

    I dont care to and dont like to go that route. I think that is disrespectful. Though his lyrics are certainly never teh nicest! LOL. Contradictions! Contradictions!

    I do appreciate a man with a well taken care of body. You know it says something about a man who take pride in his appearance. I think that is sexy when you can to be buff. Heck even a pec or two is nice if that is all they can build lol. Even stocky men are more intriguing than someone who is puney! But, it doesnt really matter. But it is certainly a bonus! A chilvarous buffed man is so sexy! A man that open doors and has pecs to open them with. LOL

  • jaded

    I thought this was pretty straightforward. Skinny does not always equal healthy. Healthy habits beget health. For example the overweight jazzercise instructor, she was healthy since she ate right and exercised regularly. Anyone who eats well and exercises is healthy, irrespective of what the scale says. Some people, even with lots of exercise, will not be skinny. But they will be healthy and that’s the important thing.

  • DKCA

    Here’s a better topic to write about, why am I looking at a 40+ year old man sagging?