It is so important that we all play a role in preserving the earth’s environment and natural resources. What better way to decrease our carbon footprint than by the clothes we wear, in support a cleaner environment? Fashion designers and manufacturers are embracing sustainable design, a growing trend that places emphasis on creating and designing products that positively impact our environment and society. In the past, designers have contributed a percentage of their sales to charitable organizations. However, there has been a shift to more eco-fashionable methods. Fashion designers are using environmentally friendly materials and socially responsible manufacturing methods, such as the use of sustainable materials, renewable energy and energy efficient production to contribute to a cleaner and safer world.

Having recently celebrated the 41st annual Earth Day, we deemed it appropriate to put together a list of our top eco-fashion clothing designers. Their goal is to minimize harm to the environment through the incorporation of eco-friendly practices. These brands will have you looking your best, while ensuring that you are doing your best to conserve the earth’s most precious resources.

Lara Miller, laramiller.net

Lara Miller’s designs are classified as sophisticated, chic and diverse in appearance. She creates clothing for the socially and environmentally conscious. Her clothing is made out of organic materials and is manufactured locally in an attempt to support local businesses. Lara pays careful attention to every material she uses, down to the paper used to sketch her creations.

Andy Lifschutz Jewelry, andylifschutz.com

If you are searching for beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that are made out of reclaimed wood, metal, stone, bone, and other interesting materials, then Andy Lifshutz Jewelry is exactly what you are looking for. His jewelry is organic, and aesthetically pleasing. Each item is different from the rest, ensuring that you are receiving inimitable pieces.

Linda Loudermilk, lindaloudermilk.com

Linda Loudermilk and her “luxury eco” are out to prove that eco-wear can be cool, edgy, sexy, playful, and extremely fashionable. Through her designs, she spreads the importance of conserving the earth. She urges consumers to take an active interest in the condition of our planet and to make decisions that sustain our elements. Most of the fabrics she uses are from bamboo, sea cell, and other self-sustaining plants.

Loomstate, loomstate.org

Loomstate is a casual brand geared to both men and women who demand organic clothing manufactured through socially and environmentally responsible methods. Loomstate’s clothing is youthful, fun and of the highest quality. If you are in the search for top designs in eco-fashion, Loomstate is the brand for you.

Jonano, jonano.com

Jonano’s mission is to bring the finest in organic and sustainable clothing without being stuffy, overpriced and overcomplicated. They value green and serene clothing that makes one look urban and chic. Their purpose is to educate those who don’t understand eco-fashion. Therefore, their website acts as an excellent tool to educate those who are unaware of sustainable design.

– Chelsey Wilkins

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