Last week Wiz Khalifa stopped by MTV’s RapFix Live to discuss his music. Instead of just sticking to the script and talking about his smash album and cult-like following, the topic turned to his very-public relationship with Amber Rose.

Hip-hop isn’t known for being for being pro-monogamy. Sure, it has its classic love songs—Meth and Mary’s “You’re All I Need” comes to mind—but generally, rap espouses a “bros over hoes” mentality. So imagine my surprise, and delight, when one of rap’s “it” boys was not only comfortable talking about his relationship but also talked openly about what exactly he loves about his woman.

After I peeped the clip on the Rap Radar site, I quickly scanned the comments. Even though I already knew what was coming—pure foolishness—I decided to look anyway.

As I suspected, many of the readers who dropped comments, and were overwhelmingly male—had a lot to say about Wiz and Amber’s relationship.

“Sloppy seconds or fifths for this bitch nigga.All the fine ass women out there at the mall,clubs,shit anywhere and he in love with that bald headed hoe?”

“LMAO wiz lost. It’s okay to get sloppy seconds but to wife her? where’s the Taylor’s? get cha boi.”

“wiz is a pussy bitch”


I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Although there were a few who stepped up gave Wiz props for being in love, the overwhelming majority of the comments centered around negativity—directed at love, at Amber, and at Wiz’s intelligence for falling in love with Kanye’s “sloppy seconds.”

Even with power couples like Jay-Z and Beyonce’ dominating the game (and seeing Jim Jones and his girl Chrissy ride for each other every week), rap fans—and I’d argue many young men—still hold fast to the “I don’t love them hoes” mentality.

Despite our culture’s dysfunctional ideas of love, however, seeing Wiz and Amber discuss their relationship without fear or embarrassment was like a breath of fresh air.

What do you think? Why do some young people have such a hard time admitting to being in love?

Let’s discuss!


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  • okay, im going to be real here, and i know im going to get a lot of flak for it but… I HATE THESE TWO. and, contrary to the question posed at the end of the article, i dont think its about ‘young people having such a hard time admitting to being in love’ or wanting to hold onto a ‘bros before hoes’ mentality. hip-hop loves successful Black couples… we love jay and b. we loved chris and riri. we even loved yeezy and amber. nobody has a problem with wiz being in love; us Taylors have a problem with him being in love WITH HER.

    he’s young, successful, and rich, and amber rose has a reputation of attaching herself to men that are young, successful, and rich… so we kind of see it as her next conquest before shes on to the next one in a search for fame. plus shes a bit older than him and this is clearly his first taste at love (and probably heartbreak)… i just dont see it ending well. not to mention the fact that his music has been effing wiggedy wack since he got with her, all hip-pop/borderline r&b ballads that NOBODY wants to hear. it just isnt a good look for him.

    ps, yes, everybody has a past but NOT everybody’s ex is kanye west… and this is a man that has an entire song dedicated to the fact that everything amber knows, ‘yeezy taught her.’ everyone she dates will have to deal with the backlash of being one of the greatest pop culture icons of our generations sloppy seconds. its great that wiz is secure enough to deal with that, but could YOU?