Who wants to bet that when Beyonce and Solange Knowles were growing up, little Solange was the wild, free-spirited one? There’s just something about her that looks like she would be tons of fun to be around.

Perhaps it’s her easygoing bohemian style she’s become known for as of late. Whether rocking old school box braids, a short cut or a wild afro, Solange freely wears whatever look she loves at the moment instead of being a slave to trends. And we love that!

Speaking of trends, Knowles embraced tribal prints (through fun-loving brand, Boxing Kitten) long before it was universally popular. No one wears tribal quite like Ms. Knowles.


The best part is she isn’t afraid to be fearless with how she mixes and matches her prints and bold colors. Every time she steps into a DJ booth, we’re left talking about her stylish, effortless and most of all, unique looks. Now if only we could get her to step back into the studio…

For a fun Solange-inspired look, try these pieces:



-Channing Hargrove

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  • Boho

    Solange looks good but her “bohemian” look is not all that. Lisa Bonet has been rocking the bohemian look for years and all she received was criticism. Solange look is nothing but stylist behind the scene creating her. You can go to any natural hair blog or tumblr pages and see more originality that what she is putting out.

  • lola

    Lol her “bohemian” look isn’t even her. She very much does follow trends. She tries to dress like the hipster/cool kid/beatnik crowd. I don’t know if she’s more fun than Beyonce or how her dress code would imply that she is lol. I will say that Beyonce seems to have a stronger sense of who she is. Solange is still trying to figure it out. Is she boho? Neo-soul? Pop? Glam? DJ? Actress? Sculpture? Biologist? Lol

    And there are chicks like Rachel Roy, Tracee Ross, Lisa Bonet, Santigold, kesh, kelis, erykah ect who do the “free spirited” thing much better and it’s authentic.

    • Robin Nicole

      Wow… Just one question- Do you know solo, or the Knowles fam by any chance?

  • Jay

    I know thats right! Solo has been making waves in her own pool for a long time now. I hope she hops back in the studio soon, Lord knows I loved Hadley Street Dreams =)

  • Beyonce would’ve been cool to be around too. For some reason Beyonce is the one blk woman some blk women look too as the fault of all of our problms?

    Why is that? Is it because she has the perfect life, is good-looking, well behaved, has an alpha camel for a husband and is mainstream-America approved?

    I just don’t get it.