Who wants to bet that when Beyonce and Solange Knowles were growing up, little Solange was the wild, free-spirited one? There’s just something about her that looks like she would be tons of fun to be around.

Perhaps it’s her easygoing bohemian style she’s become known for as of late. Whether rocking old school box braids, a short cut or a wild afro, Solange freely wears whatever look she loves at the moment instead of being a slave to trends. And we love that!

Speaking of trends, Knowles embraced tribal prints (through fun-loving brand, Boxing Kitten) long before it was universally popular. No one wears tribal quite like Ms. Knowles.


The best part is she isn’t afraid to be fearless with how she mixes and matches her prints and bold colors. Every time she steps into a DJ booth, we’re left talking about her stylish, effortless and most of all, unique looks. Now if only we could get her to step back into the studio…

For a fun Solange-inspired look, try these pieces:



-Channing Hargrove

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