It’s been a tough few weeks for he Federal Aviation Administration, after dealing with the embarrassment of at least seven cases of controllers sleeping on the job.

On Monday, FAA officials and members of the National Air Traffic Controllers Union held meetings at airports across the country to trouble shoot and find ways to keep the air safe.

While the FAA thought their meeting blitz would help with their bad press, just mere hours after, they were doing damage control again.

In a statement released late Monday, the FAA confirmed they had suspended another air traffic controller but not for being asleep on the job, rather being wide awake.

The controller in question was suspended after being caught watching a movie on his personal DVD player early Sunday morning while on duty at a regional radar center outside Cleveland. According to reports, officials realized something was up when instead of the controller’s voice, they heard audio from Samuel L. Jackson’s 2007 thriller, “Cleaner.”

Apparently, while he was supposed to be handling the high-altitude air traffic in the skies, this controller’s microphone was stuck in transmit mode causing everyone who tried to contact him three minutes of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.

Besides the controller, the FAA also has suspended his manager as well.

On Monday before news of the incident broke, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt said he was “infuriated” that air traffic controllers have been caught snoozing on the job.

“None of us in this business can … tolerate any of this. It absolutely has to stop.”

Wonder how mad Babbitt is now.

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