Spring is finally here! Wave goodbye to layers brought on by harsh winter climates, and say hello to breezy, effortless dresses.

Besides being so easy to wear, dresses have the unique ability to mask problem areas and flatter your silhouette. Whether you want to add curves to a boyish shape or cinch a thick waist, we’ve found a dress style that will flatter you.


If you have a body built like a Coke bottle—full breasts, shapely hips, curvy butt and tiny waist—don’t be afraid to show it off. Fitted dresses that tastefully skim your curves rather than cling are the most flattering. Wrap dresses look especially sexy on you.

Thick Waist

Don’t have a tiny waist? Create one. A-line and empire dresses with cinched waists compliment thick midsections. The cinching will create an hourglass figure and the silhouette will camouflage your tummy.

Top Heavy

If your bra-cups runneth over, avoid too much detail on the neckline like ruffles or embroidery that add volume. Look for dresses that have a defined waist and full-skirted bottom that will even you out. Also, trendy draped dresses that are cut diagonally will be your best friend. They skim your bust, nip in at the waist, hug the hips and fall loosely over the thighs and calves.

Boyish Figure

If you have a boyish shape, spice up your femininity with volume. Dresses with ruffles and flouncy skirts will fill you out on the top and bottom. Voluminous cuts look amazing on your figure. Stripes are also great to help create the illusions of curves.


Dressing is all about finding the right proportions for your figure. If you’re bottom heavy, look for dresses with details on the shoulder, ruffles or embellishments. Stay away from flouncy skirts, bottom ruffles and dresses with volume.


What dress styles do you find are best for your shape? In need of more style advice? Write us in the comment section.

-Krystal Franklin


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  • Dream

    What if I am in between hourglass and top heavy..what would look best in that situation?

    • Tomi-chan

      Explain how you’re in between and maybe I can help you?

      If your hips are smaller than your bust, you almost always want to go for a printed bottom over a printed top. Top half should consist of dark, neutral colors to keep the attention from being entirely focused on your busty design! Highlight that small waist.

    • Coco and Creme

      Agreed! If you’re busty and wear dresses with volume all over, people assume you’re big all over. So pieces that highlight your waist are optimal—and go for pieces that skim your hips to show off your hourglass shape. =)

  • DreamchaZer

    Hmmm. I have an hourglass figure, but the “girls” are minimal. When you say “hourglass”, does that include the illusion the shoulders give?

    • Coco and Creme

      Typically hourglass connotes large breasts but as you see, Beyonce isn’t necessarily busty but still shaped like an hourglass. For your shape, I’d play up the top with prints, ruffles and details and keep the bottom fitted to show off your curvy bottom half. You actually have the same shape as me and that’s what I do.

    • DreamchaZer

      Thank you. I enjoy this site because I can be timid when it come to fashion. I love my figure and it shows, but when it comes to the ruffles, prints thing, I hesitate. Love the insight and pics…I’ll be brave one day :-)

  • Great advice for all women. Dressing for your body type is key. BTW, I love the “bra-cups runneth over” line.

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