Earlier today TV personality and ardent Obama hater, Glenn Beck, announced that he would be leaving his Fox News show later this year.

In a statement during the last few minutes of his popular show, Beck told his viewers he’d be stepping down, comparing himself to Paul Revere, saying “Paul Revere did not get up on the horse and say, ‘I’m going to do this for the rest of my life.’”

Although Beck’s rise to fame seemed to happen overnight, his ratings peaked last year when he pulled in approximately 2.5 million viewers every night as he rallied against the President’s health care bill.

Beck, who raked in about $32 million last year, not only makes his fortune from his primetime TV show, but also by selling books, hosting his radio show, touring the country and through his various websites.

And he’s not ready to give all of that up just yet.

Even though he announced he’ll be ending his nightly show, Beck indicated that he’ll still appear on Fox News from time to time to tackle special reports, because fading away completely would be “bad for business.”

Despite his popularity with conservatives, Beck has been losing advertisers since his controversial comments claiming President Obama had a “deep-seated hatred for white people.” In spite of his insistence that his departure from Fox was a mutual decision, many suspect that Beck was actually fired.

Regardless of the real story of Beck’s departure from TV, I hope that by ending his nightly show, Beck will fade quickly from the public’s eye and stop being allowed such a substantial platform to spread his brand of hate speech.

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  • Mlady

    I wish FOX news would fade quickly also. It appalls me how much hate and intolerance they have.

  • I for one am glad. It’s not just because I disagree with his principals, but why let all that acting talent go to waste on TV news. I mean the man could make millions putting those cry on cue skills to good use.

    Glenn Beck offered 60 minutes of fallacy. He offered 60 minutes of the most flagrantly damning segments of news I never could watch. Two minutes into his program and I felt confused, upset, uncomfortable, and mad at my own race for setting America back so far by electing a Black man to the White House. How dare I deliver such a fate to my own country. Really, Glenn Beck had me tripping on an identity crisis within two minutes and we still had 58 minutes to go.

    That is the work of an actor not an anchorman. That is the work of someone who should be getting paid to purely entertain not inform. That is the work of someone who knows how to tap into human emotion for the sole purpose of elicting a response instead of forcing others to probe their own thoughts and come to a conclusion about the world around them.