It seems that most good news from Haiti is unavoidably tempered by some sobering news. Today the latest developments in the country seem to follow that pattern as well.

The good news first:

With 67 percent of the vote, Michel Martelly has been declared President-elect of Haiti. The popular singer with the clean-shaven head used his showmanship to captivate voters with engaging messages and memorable campaign events. Martelly defeated former first lady Mirlande Manigat in a runoff, bringing some kind of completion to this phase of the country’s political uncertainty.

However, on the same day that Haitians selected their new president, aid groups are reporting that the country is facing a second wave of its cholera crisis.

As Haiti begins the process of rebuilding its leadership, there are questions about whether or not Martelly is the right choice.  The 50-year old, has no government experience, a critic his opponents often raised against him on the campaign trail.  Speaking on yesterday’s results, Robert Maguire, director of the Haiti Program at Trinity University in Washington said:

“Martelly has asked Haitians to take a tremendous leap of faith that he can transform himself from entertainer to national leader. Apparently, a significant majority of voters are willing to give him that chance.”

Being the president of the poverty plagued country has always been a challenging task, undoubtedly made exponentially harder since the quake last January. It remains to be seen how he will rise to the challenge.

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  • African Mami

    He BETTER deliver!!!!

  • Happy

    I pray God uses this man to turn Haiti around and bring it back to it’s glory days. Haiti has amazing history and should return back to it. Sankofa!

  • Alexandra

    I’m skeptical about him, but I have hope he will bring some much needed change to Haiti.

    I’ve been following the election and I think he was more popular candidate because Haitians are tired of the ‘so-called’ politicians. For years, the intellectuals, the college educated and respected politicians have let the citizens down. All their degrees and ‘respect’, led to more corruption.
    Sweet Micky has no political background at all; he’s just a retired musician from a wealthy family. But perhaps this will give him an advantage to bring innovation to Haiti; something that seldom comes.