Today, our favorite Neptune front man, Pharrell Williams is celebrating his birthday.

The producer/ rapper/ singer/ designer is turning 37. The fact that Mr. Skateboard P is just a few years from forty is hard for us to wrap our head around. However, while he may not look like he’s getting up in age, Pharrell has been behind many of the most memorable beats of the last decade.

In honor of the guy Jay dubbed “Phar-real,” we took a look back at some of his work. Here are just a few examples of Pharrel’s most memorable music.


“Fronting” This party jam but definitely still pops years after topping the charts.

“Change Clothes” The song that can make anyone feel runway ready.

“Grinding” The single catapulted The Clipse to the front of the music world and provided a foundation for every freestyle B-list rapper.

“Get Along With You” One of my favorite Kelis songs of all time- the dope beat compliments the words.

“Everybody Nose” This song is just made to jump around to.

What are some of your favorite Pharrell songs? Share with us Clutchettes!

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