We’ve told you about the importance of co-washing your hair using a no-poo formula but when you want to shampoo (like the model to the right), oil rinsing is a great way to revitalize hair after the process.

Even if you’re just co-washing,  there are several benefits of oil rinsing for relaxed and natural hair. Try an oil rinse to lock in your hair’s moisture, increase shine, soften hair follicles, promote growth and ease the detangling process.

Follow these steps to oil rinse and you’ll be on your way to stronger, longer hair.

1-Wash your hair with shampoo. If you are only co-washing, rinse your hair ensuring it’s completely wet.

2- Part hair into four sections (or more depending on hair’s thickness and length).

3- Saturate hair and scalp with the oil of your choice. Don’t be fooled by fancy products and packaging, take it back to basics with natural products from the pantry like jojoba oil, meadow foam seed oil, avocado oil, amla oil, argan oil, and coconut oil, which are all great mixed together or used singularly. (You can use an application bottle if you mix multiple oils together.)

4- Using the tips of your fingers gently massage the oil from root-to-tip stroking in a downward motion.

5-Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave the oil on hair for a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour (You can decide on a longer length of time at your own discretion.)

6- Detangle hair using a wide-tooth comb or a Denman brush and rinse the oil in hot water.

7- Follow-up with your regular conditioner. Rinse out with cool water to remove oil residue.

Do you oil rinse your hair? Are you happy with the results? Share your experience in the comments.

-Margaret Francois

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