Wendy Williams is the latest contestant to say goodbye on Dancing With The Stars and while we applaud her courage and strength, we feel sorry for her feet!

Wendy tweeted a picture to show the effect countless hours of rehearsing and performing has had on her feet.

Needless to say, the results were horrific and presumably borne out of years of constant torturing and not enough pampering.

In order to avoid corns and calluses, regularly visit your local nail salon for pedicures, get a foot doctor and stock up on these products to do your own pampering treatments. Your feet will thank us.

1. Try Tip Toes by Foot Petals for Everyday Wear

These petals stop the feet from sliding forward and prevent toes from scrunching. Most importantly, they protect bones and tissue therefore cushioning the ball of the feet. – Tip Toes by Foot Petals

2. Soak in Dr. Teals Epson Salt

This one-of-a-kind formula revitalizes tired, achy feet and refreshes skin’s appearance leaving you fresh from heel to toe. Dr. Teals Epson Salt

3. Scrub with Nettiescrub Mini Body Buff

Clean and exfoliate skin naturally with lemon body buff. The perfect scrumptious scent packed with antibacterial properties. Removes cellular debris, leaving skin healthier and smoother. Massage into wet skin, rinse clean.Nettiescrub Mini Body Buff

4. Use Argan Magic Corrective Heel and Foot Treatment

This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly to help feet feel softer and smoother.Argan Magic Corrective Heel and Foot Treatment

What feet pampering techniques do you use?

-Lana Leazer

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  • Keebo

    LOL LOL LOL love the title…and of course the tips

  • I do my own pedi’s all the time! I have this two sided pumice stone which I love and use it in the shower about once a week. If I have super tired feet (after a long night out) I’ll massage some foot lotion on them and sleep with socks. In the morning I’ll have super soft toes! Oh and I swear by shoe inserts. I hate the feeling of my feet sliding and my toes potentially looking like raptor claws. =) HTH!

  • jacquelyn

    the best thing i do for my feet is not to wear shoes that hurt. not to imply that all of my shoes are so comfortable i could wear them all day everyday, but pain is an indication that something is not right. listen to your body, it doesn’t lie!

  • DGill

    I use the same foot massager that Wendy Williams staff gave her. I was so surprise when they brought it out for her. I said look Wendy Williams use the same bodyrub foot massager as me…hahaha