After months of bloodshed and unrest, people throughout the Ivory Coast have reason to celebrate or at least feel relieved.

Former president Laurent Gbagbo was detained Monday after forces stormed his residence. In this recently released footage, the dramatic capture is shown as forces are seen entering the compound using heavy firepower.

Despite conflicting reports on who was responsible for Gbagbo’s capture, the video shows the strongman was removed from his home by troops loyal to the internationally recognized President Alassane Ouattara. After losing last year’s presidential election to Ouattara, Gbagdo refused to leave office. His refusal set off violent clashes across the country and plunged the West African nation into civil war.

Upon news of Gbagbo’s capture, many across the Ivory Coast broke into celebration. As their now acting President Ouattara stated in his televised address: “Finally, we have reached the dawn of a new era of hope. We had hoped this transfer had been different, but we have to focus on today.”

Gbagbo is currently being held at the Golf Hotel, which has served as headquarters of both Ouattara and the United Nations. Alain Le Roy, under-secretary-general of the United Nations’ Department of Peacekeeping Operations says it is his understanding that President Ouattara and his supporters want to Gbagbo to face trail in the Ivory Coast as opposed to appearing before International Criminal Court, as has been suggested.


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  • Wassila

    being of Ivorian descent it was really heart warming to see the peoples reaction and i can have a sense of relief. But i will not be ignorant to the fact that a lot more work has to be done to get the country back to where it used to be and that it will take time to move forward in the right direction. All i know is that someday soon i can go back to see all of my family. <3

    • WoW

      That is touching. Do you have family in the U.S. as well?

  • ceecee

    *smdh* what a shame Gbagbo you could have left gracefully. He & his wife look so helpless. I hope all dictators watch this and know that one day they’re powerful insulation will tumble.

    • sadly, that would require a level of humility that i think dictators lack.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    if you have a civil war every time there is to be a transfer of power your country will never go any where…..

    • WoW

      That is soo true. I always wonder why these rulers don’t see the bigger picture. If Africa were to unite and own their wealth…it would be the richest continent. THE RICHEST…..

      Talk about streets paved w/gold. But I completely understand that Russia, China, America and Europe all benefit from Africa’s chaos. Easy to steal from someone when everyone in the house is fighting.

    • African Mami


      These rulers are not in any way affected by their decisions. Case in point, Mugabe. Zimbabwe is in a deplorable economic state, yet his wife still shops at Harrods in the U.K. In Lesutho, King Mswati III travels in style. Despite the fact that his economy lags and there are thousands that are unemployed, he somehow had the money to buy a private jet!

      In Africa, the term “accountability” does not exist. It is seen as another form of colonialism. The “leaders” always have excuses, when they are told to account for their actions,and tell the Westerners to stop interfering.

      We as its citizens, are also to blame for how Africa is. We do not demand enough from these “leaders”. We elect them on the premise of their false promises. We never grill and question them enough. I absolutely love how, here in the U.S. Presidents are scrutinized. In Africa, money talks not education.

    • WoW

      @ African Mami

      Oh, I’m totally aware of how some leaders live the life of luxury, are Oxford and Harvard educated and have no worries…which is why I said I wish they could see the bigger picture. A picture that is inclusive of the whole society vs. a selected few.

      However, their was a huge lax in Presidential scrutiny during the two terms George W. Bush was in office. Do you remember that Air Force 1 stunt he pulled in San Diego when he jumped out of a plane wearing a pilot suit?

      It cost a couple of million to pull that off. Not to mention that he hired a full time movie set director to stage all of his public appearances. Can you imagine if some random audience member decided to partake in the “Open Carry” law at one of his scripted lies????

      But yes I agree with you. At least we have SOME accountability. Even if it is after the fact.

  • Mannie

    The irony of this whole situation is that
    a) He wasn’t a dictator and didn’t slash or kill to get to power
    b) Outtara is a known figure that worked heavily with the IMF and the french government (the two things crumbling black and arab africa).

    If people only knew African politics for what it is instead of the corruption haven people think it is….

  • Miss P.

    Being Ivorian, I was never for or against any of the candidate. And although I am not a big fan of Gbagbo (lot of corruption), I definitely don’t think he was the bloody dictator that the international press is describing. There is so much more of Ivory coast politics/ history that people ignore. And it’s an illusion to think that everything is going to be ok with the new president. He’s no angel either, far from it. The video of the arrest of Gbagbo is shameful and does not invite to the unity the Ivorian people so desperately needs! And although, half of the population is happy for the arrest of Gbagbo, the other half is afraid of being persecuted by the pro-Ouattara (whose troops have been found guilty of many killing already). So please, show both perspectives.

    • African Mami

      Welcome to the world of Western media, it never EVER gives a balanced projection of stories from as they call it, the “dark continent”. In other news, I am praying for Ivory Coast, that Quattara dude is one hell of a pretender. Pretenders are worse or worst(?)than murderes!