Thinking back to my middle schools days, I can remember hearing Jagged Edge hits blaring over car radios into the sweltering New York heat.  Though they’ve been gone for a minute, the male R&B group is back with a new video for their single, “Baby.”

Jagged Edge’s new album, The Remedy, is slated for release on June 21st.  Is this the start of the group’s comback?

Tell us what you think of Jagged Edge’s “Baby” video?  What say you Clutchettes, love it or leave it alone?

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  • I’m not feeling it.

  • fuchsia

    Love it!!! I’m excited to see them making music again.

  • Leanee

    I like it. It isn’t their best song ever, but it’s likeable.

  • Mo

    Remake or not the song sounds great!!! It’s real R&B for real R7B heads, not this cross between pop and crap that’s out today. BTW…Chris Brown’s “She Aint You” is doin it real big right now with the most overly used remakes of all time…”Human Nature” by Michael Jackson. Now what?!?!

    JE 4 LYFE!!!

    And yes dats life wit a “Y” just 4 u ALIG83 bcuz we all see how u like to play Internet English Teacher. No thanx needed, we kno u luv it!!! : – )