Yesterday, the web was abuzz upon news of Jay-Z’s new website, Life + Times. The site is Jay’s first venture into the digital space and so many were excited to see the rapper and entrepreneur claim a presence online.

With Life + Times, visitors will be able to get a glimpse at Jay’s perspective on lifestyle and culture. And not surprisingly, the hip-hop mogul has some pricey taste.

In a post titled, “The Ghost In The Machine,” viewers are taken through some of the features of the Rolls Royce Ghost, the brands update from its older Phantom model. There is another on TwinLuxe’s shaving tools for men which typically range from $700-$1200. To those looking for some explanation on the price tag- the shaving tools were designed by Marek Djordjevic, the designer behind the aesthetics of the Rolls Royce Phantom. (If you were looking for the other part of the explanation to be that said shaving tools come with a professional groomer and unlimited cups of espresso- sadly, they do not.)

Jay’s take on trends is a fascinating one and I’m sure many will be watching closely. Much like Kanye West or Pharrell’s blog, the collection of visuals and commentary is sleekly presented and well organized. Life + Times allows Jay to be master curator and allows visitors to see the trends that he sees.

Regardless of tastes, there’s no questioning Jay has had a major impact as a cultural leader. When the rapper said, “”I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can,” it was hard to argue with him. When he rocked Barclay’s construction hardhat at the company’s stadium groundbreaking in Brooklyn, it was impossible to argue that Jay’s brand was limited to hip-hop.

While his career may have started as a rapper, his current reach goes far beyond that. He’s seen far more and in a way, Life + Times is a democratized way of distilling his tastes.

But among the features on Audemars Piguet watches, one has to wonder- does our interest in Jay, Kanye and the rest of rappers blogging luxury reflect an infatuation with aspirational living?

On the one hand, indulging in beautiful things does not warrant being materialistic. They can inspire, motivate, spark independent creativity. But in many ways, the high priced items featured on Life + Times make us wonder if our beauty necessarily needs to be a thing of expensive taste.  Fawning for the ‘exclusive’ seems to be widespread, especially in our culture where being the first on a trend gives bragging rights. But it’s hard to see an end to that race, if there is one at all.

What’s you’re take on Jay’s new site? Will you be following the rapper’s tastes or do they not matter to you at all? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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  • tamar

    they have luxury so they blog about it. whats wrong with that? blogs usually share your life and your tastes, and lots of money is a part of his life lol. besides the blog isn’t all about flashing expensive things.

  • oakcreek hitter

    I think Jay-Z is defintely a trend setter. His work with Audemars Piguet watches made them a big time thing in the hip hop world. And now him seeing the vision behind TwinLuxe shaving sets is like him discovering Vertu cell phones when they just first launched many many years ago.

    Jay-Z deserves praise in all his work and in Life + Times. Keep up the grand vision!

  • I respect JayZ for his pulse on Hollywood. There are people who live life to emulate these stars. They see them in a particular car or wearing a certain dress and they rush to the store to wear the same thing they saw {insert celebrity name here} driving or wearing.

    I wonder if he is going to get paid to endorse these products. If so, BIG UPS! That is raking in the cash – literally.

    However, the rest of us will just come back to and deal with issues pertinent to our everyday lives.

  • there is no end to the race. when youre trying to have the biggest and best of everything, its like going in circles, because there will always be something bigger and better (at least as long as Steve Jobs is alive). its not worth it. and since our society is OBSESSED with materialistic bullshit im sure the site will be a smashing success, but i sure as hell wont be over there reading about crap i cant afford. jay-z is so far removed from actual reality due to the amount of wealth he has amassed that looking to him for material guidance is utterly ridiculous

  • African Mami

    He is a BUSINESSman. He is just doing what every business man is chasing after: the bottom line! Respect his hustle.