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  • tamar

    Love that Clutch is giving J*Davey some shine! i love them!

  • Ashley

    Love J*DaVeY, this song is so sensual! Plus that video!

  • Leonie UK

    @Clarity jane I soooooo agree. Been a fan for more than a hawt minute, and need them to pack the bags and head over quicktime.

  • hmmm

    Wow…everyone seems to be digging this Jdavey on here. I wish I could hear him. My friends computer is not letting me see this. I doubt I will have anyother way of hearing this. The radio stations in my town suck they play the same 4 to 14 songs all day every day pretty much gosh I miss kjlh! LOL If I could at least good more than the common 20 songs would be great! I am easy to please! But, I am not a radio person anyway I am not knocking my local radio stations I know that a many people love them more power to them. I see all my tv and radio shows through computer since I dont watch many.