Did Mr. Black and Yellow and Mr. West get into it at Coachella?

According to reports, members of Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West’s entourages came to blows in an argument over Amber Rose.  The sparks ignited during Kanye’s closing performance, when the rapper modified the lyrics of his hit “Stronger” to include the line:

“I did anything for that blond dike, and she did anything when the time’s right.”

The lyrical tweak apparently did not sit well with Wiz who was in the crowd with girlfriend/rumored fiancée, Amber.  Sources say that after the performance, Wiz approached Kanye.

“Wiz didn’t want to fight, he just wanted all this catty bullsh** to end…Kanye said something to Wiz and next thing you know security and people’s entourages were everywhere pushing and shoving. It could have got real ugly.”

Neither Wiz, Kanye or Amber have commented on this alleged incident, so it’s hard to say if it is truth or rumor, but either way we don’t like the sound of it.  Not so long ago, Kanye was the much maligned figure in hip-hop and just when it seems he is turning a corner, there’s this.

We’d rather not see the beef and bad press resurface so here are five reasons why Kanye needs to let the situation go.

1. This is Low Grade Beef — Everything old is new again in hip-hop and this beef is recycled and grade F-for-fail quality.  Remember Jay and Nas’ feud?  Remember 50 and Jadakiss duel?  At the end of the day, rappers seeking to be titans get there when they put aside the petty and focus on their lane.

2. It Was All Good Just A Week Ago — Of late, Kanye’s public appearances have been getting more and more critical acclaim, almost enough to overshadow the stunts he is maligned for in the press.  We get that he is half genius, half crazy, but we’d much rather hear Ye’s music than read about his antics.

3. Its Been Months — Yes, MONTHS, since Kanye and Amber’s split.  And though nearly every press mention of the vixen is prefaced by the phrase “Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend,” she and Ye have gone on living their separate lives.  Having distance can help get a relationship behind you but the true measure of being over it is when time passes and it is no longer at the forefront of you mind.

4. We Raised Our Glass For the Douchebags, but Now our Arms Hurt — When he debuted his “Runaway” short film, Ye said that the women he dated inspired Selita Ebanks’ ‘Phoenix’ character and listeners got it.  Because we all know what it’s like to ruin a love we had.  But at some point you have to forgive yourself and that person and move on.  For Kanye, that point was yesterday.

5. Timing is a Mistress — If he knows what’s good for him, Kanye will heed his big brother’s line “As God as my witness, timin’ was my mistress,
I guess it’s in the stars for me to love you from a distance.” When Jay dropped that in the remix for Sade’s ‘Moon and The Sky’ remix, it made a sobering point to current lovers and old loves alike- sometimes it’s not that it didn’t work- it wasn’t supposed to.  Everything has its time and purpose, we hope Kanye sees his is to be epic, above the fray, now.

What do you think of Wiz and Ye’s supposed beef? Is it time for Ye to move on?  Share you thoughts, Clutchettes- tell us what you think!


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