As Lady Gaga’s creative Director, millions of people have seen Laurie Ann Gibson’s creativity at work. Now, with her new Ryan Secreast produced E! series, The Dance Scene, premiering on April 10th, her audience is sure to grow by a few millions more.

But even with this newfound stage, it was a reality show years ago that made her a household name.

From the moment she appeared on MTV’s Making The Band, Laurie Ann proved she was a character of her own. Her tough love and crazed rehearsals made her one of the most entertaining parts of then budding pop group, Danity Kane’s rise to fame.

But for all her “boom kat”’s and sparring matches with Diddy, Laurie Ann says that while the show gave her a new platform, it gave her a persona she doesn’t think she deserved.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Laurie Ann said of her time on Making The Band:

“When Puff called me and said, ‘I want you to do a show for me and make a girl group,’ I didn’t understand the power of television. I never thought about it as a TV show, I just said, ‘What’s my mission? Make a number one band.’ And that’s what I did. Then after watching [Making the Band], I saw how they spun me and they made me this one-dimensional tyrant. I still didn’t care, but now that I have a show, it’s like a sense of victory because it shows who I really am.”

Laurie Ann Gibson’s new show on E! will bring her under the already lucrative franchise of reality shows produced by the uber-prescent Ryan Seacrest. Speaking of how the two connected to put together a show, Laurie Ann explained it all started as she was hard at work behind the scenes:

“I was doing Puffy on American Idol – well, I was pretending to be Puffy while working out his staging, and I saw Ryan out of the corner of my eye. He said something like, ‘Wow, you’re a really good Puffy’ and he just watched and understood that there was something different going on with me and the way the artists were responding. So he had E! actually follow me and they began to understand that there was something that went beyond just choreographer and coach. Ryan was just really intrigued and he said, “I think the world needs to see this inspiration.”

Lord knows, there was endless entertainment anytime she did a surprise visit back during the Making The Band days. Seeing her entrance and MTV’s dramatic shock music and switch to black and white filter always made me sit up and pay attention. Say what you want about her the woman has a work ethic that is can’t-stop-won’t-stop. I for one know I am excited about seeing Miss Boom Kat back in action.

What about you Clutchettes- will you be tuning in for The Dance Scene? Tell us what you think!

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