Make no mistake about it. This line is for bold, stylish women who love funky street attire and feel like indulging in the graphic t-shirt trend every now and then.

Instead of the ubiquitous “Texas is for lovers,” or “Boys are losers” sayings, the Married To The M.O.B. Spring 2011 collection boasts tees that rephrase Jay-Z lyrics: “I’m that MOB chick that don’t cook or clean but I dress my ass off and my walk is mean.” And then, there’s my personal favorite: a tank that reads “I want what I want when I want.”

That kind of in-your-face attitude and brazen edge permeates the Spring 2011 collection’s second delivery which includes reissued classics like “My girl rocks Balenciaga and smoke mad marijuana” (right) and new chic additions like the Mademoiselle lipstick tee.

Check out the new collection below and click here to shop:

What do you think of Married To The Mob Spring 2011 collection’s second delivery? Would you wear t-shirts with edgy sayings?

-Jessica C. Andrews

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