In case you needed further proof that there is no such thing as post-racial America, there’s this.

With the 2012 race off to an early start, there has been much speculation around the viability of the many names being tossed around as potential GOP candidates. In an effort to gage voter sentiment in Mississippi, Public Policy Polling decided to take a survey of some of the Republican voters who voted regularly in the state’s primaries.

The results of Public Policy’s survey showed Mississippi’s Republican base favored the predictable roster of names (Palin, Huckabee, Barbour, Ginrich, Bachmann, Romney) we’ve heard before.

In addition to their picks for the White House, the 400 respondents also gave their thoughts on the social issues on their minds as the country heads into the next Presidential election cycle.

When asked their thoughts on interracial marriage, 46 percent of respondents said it should be illegal. While 40 percent of respondents said they believed people should be able to marry regardless of race and a troubling 14 percent were not sure.

Reading through the results, its hard not wonder if the entire thing was a prank. Sadly, it is not. And while there is the issue of blatant racism, we have to wonder why the question on interracial marriages was included in the survey in the first place.

The survey did not ask the Republican voters their thoughts on issues like health care reform or the economy- ones far more likely to be up for debate when candidates from both parties hit the campaign trail.  So why interracial marriage? Besides that Mississippi may very well still be the state Nina Simone sang about and Oprah remembered- what insight did these political pollsters hope to gain for the 2012 election? With all the important issues on the nation’s present legislative agenda, to ask voters about one that is not seems rather suspect.

What’s your take on the survey and its results, Clutchettes?  Tell us what you think!

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  • phil

    Sadly, these polling results do not shock me. But they are nonetheless abhorrent. As for why the question about interracial marriage was included in the poll, I would guess that the Democratic organization that did the polling wanted to establish a not-so-implicit correlation between the Republican voters’ preferences in potential candidates and their extreme racist position on interracial marriage. In other words, when the poll results come out, it shows not only that a majority of MS republican voters favor idiots for the presidency, but damn near half of them are racist assholes. just my theory.

  • liz

    I honestly would not trust any of these polls. 1st off not everyone in the state even takes these polls, and there is a certain type of person who would participate in taking a poll in the first place. So the results are really not the best when you are trying to be representative of the state population as a whole. I mean think back when was the last time you even participated in an online poll or even one over the phone? Heck the damn clutch poll keeps on coming up every time I come unto the site …which is annoying, and I ignore it. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one. And you’d be surprised to find that I am actually in the majority when it comes to this ,unlike the few who would enjoy taking the occasional poll or survey. This shows you that the results are not truly the majority view.

    Also why is this question even up for debate? I mean I’ve never heard of people not being able to marry because if race…sexual orientation yes but not race.

  • oknow

    who cares.. that’s the problem.. ppl 2 concerned about what their neighbor is doing and who they are sleeping w/it.. MYOB (mind your own business)..

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