I have a thing about people who dance on the subway. Well, really a thing about any one who does anything other than sit, stand, listen to music or read a book.

I have seen far too many crazies to not make a mental note of any twitches, jumps or sudden moves. Especially nowadays when people are being thrown in front of trains on a once every two months average, on the platform, I stay far away from any one who I deem is doing too much.

Maybe it’s my assumptions that had me struck when a guy who had been pop locking (I promise) took off his headphones and struck up a conversation with me. Even though I had low battery on my phone, I didn’t not feel like I needed to an excuse to escape. And about halfway through our conversation, it occurred to me: He seems normal.

After spending years of my life, learning which train carts to avoid, this guy took off his headphones and was not a physco. He was dancing simply because it was something that made him happy. From DC, he had left his old troupe at home. I in all my NYC walls up mode, did not even stop to consider that you could dance just because you were happy.

I doubt you’ll ever catch me dancing on the subway, but I do aim to have that much joy. As Toni Morrison writes in Beloved:

“No matter what all your teeth and wet fingers anticipated, there was no accounting for the way that simple joy could shake you.”

Today, allow your spirit to build till it makes you feel like dancing.  Don’t be afraid to let joy shake you up.

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