We’ve talked about my obsession with my favorite Sunday night show, ‘Master Class.’ The show is the best original programming we’ve seen yet from Oprah Winfrey’s cable television network and gives us hope that the real queen of all media will shape the rest in its likeness.

For one hour ‘Master Class’ features people who are at the top of their game, head of their field and pioneering the way forward. In the first ever two-part episode, the host herself sat in front of the camera to talk about the lessons she’s learned so far and how she lives her best life.

While there were many “goose bump moments,” there was one in particular that caught me- when Oprah spoke about ‘flow.’ Even beyond their own impact, her words struck me because of their similarity to someone else who had sat in the ‘Master Class’ chair- rapper Jay-Z.

Here’s what Oprah said about ‘Flow’:

The flow is in direct proportion to the center of yourself, where God abides, where universal energy abides, where the divine within you abides. How far you are from the center, from the divine-ness of yourself, from your connection to source energy, that which created you, is how out of sync you are with your life, regardless of what you call it. When you can align with that nobody can touch you.

And now check out Jay’s take:

Flow is just becoming one with the music. You find someplace inside the music where you tuck in and you don’t get in the way of the groove. You insert yourself in the song as an instrument. You’re just part of the track, you’re no different than the horn, or the snare, or the bass, or the high hat. You found a place in that track to tuck in and you just don’t disturb the groove where it’s smooth and it just flow.

What I love about Master Class is that it shows you different vantage points of reviewed success. It is as if the people leading the way are turning back to show us how to get to that summit. One thing the show proves is that successful people have similar traits- in Jay and Oprah’s case, a profound sense of self-awareness and knowing when they are at their best.

For me, flow is when I move seamlessly despite the falling pieces. It means feeling like I am floating through the walls that are being built in my path, instead of running into them while fighting against what’s in my way. For me flow is when I am at my most faithful- when I am immovable in my rooted belief that I have been put on this world to move it.

Today, ask yourself: what does flow mean for you and how do you know when you’re in it? Share your thoughts Clutchettes!

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