To say that Black women spend a lot of money on beauty products would be a gross understatement. It is estimated that African-American women spend over 7 million a year on beauty products, 80% more than any other racial group. With so much of our hard-earned cash being spent in the beauty industry, isn’t it time for more of us to start caring about what companies receive our hard-earned cash?

Now more than ever, African-Americans are in a position of power within the beauty industry, “mom and pop” beauty companies are springing up with fervor. With many of these Black owned companies devoted to making our people, environment, and communities beautiful, African-Americans can now choose who we’ll support and on what terms.

The three companies featured in this article cover the gamut of the beauty business, from hair care, to body, and makeup as well. Black owned beauty companies are not only inspiring in what they’ve been able to accomplish, but also in their commitment to rejuvenating the catch phrase, Black is beautiful.

Whether you decide to “go natural” or just want to support positive businesses, these natural beauty queens are on a journey to not only inspire, but also to forever change the way that we view beauty.

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