The White House has been getting President Obama onto American’s television sets and Facebook accounts in series of interviews to get their man talking to the media. And after a testy exchange yesterday, at least one reporter knows that the Commander-in-Chief hates being interrupted.

In an interview with WFAA-TV’s Brad Watson, President Obama discussed the budget negotiations as well as his thoughts as he began his re-election campaign.

After Watson, a Dallas based anchor asked the President why he he was “so unpopular in Texas”, President Obama began responding that the state historically leaned Republican and that he had only “lost by a few percentage points” in 2008, perhaps a sign that the states’ politics were shifting.

Before Obama could finish his answer, Watson interjected by saying, “Well, you lost by about ten.” For his part the President replied, “If what you’re telling me is Texas is a conservative state, you’re absolutely right.”

From there the interview became more and more tense as Obama and Watson went back and forth in less of an interview than an argument. As he concluded the interview, Obama said Watson:

“Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?”

We’re guessing that’s more a “tell” than an “ask.”

To see the interview, check out the video below:

Monday’s host of interviews were part of a larger push on the part of the President’s team to get him talking to the American people about the budget debate, the economy and getting across the messages that will no doubt talking points in the build up to 2012.

What do you think Clutchettes, was Watson out of line? Will the testy interview help or hurt President Obama as he seeks to get his message out to voters? Tell us what you think!

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  • Domino

    After watching the interview I didn’t really see anything all that wrong. So he’s conservative…big whoop. An interviewer asking tough questions is a good thing. Part of the problem with our media is that tough questions are rarely asked and these politicians expect to be treated like gods in front of the camera so they look good or else they take away access.

    • Shauna

      He wasn’t asking “tough questions.” He was asking leading, uninformed questions that were designed to make the president look bad and garner support among local idiots who think Obama has an agenda against them. And he continued to ask them after the president answered. And he showed disrespect by cutting the president off. This guys isn’t a journalist, he’s an opportunist.

    • Mogami-san


      Pay attention to the journalist’s body movement, posture, positioning, especially the eyes and mouth.

      Dude has no respect for the President. It’s all in the eyes. He has a very condescending gaze. Watch his squint. So cocky. He needed to be set straight.

      The President is THE President. To me the Pres can answer tough questions, can be asked tough questions, however, I find it annoying when the people asking have no respect. If we don’t respect our President, who will (what country will?)?

  • Brittany

    LOL! There are all of these people who take this political thing too seriously. Politics aside , the man was being disrespectful. I would have told him off too. Fuck him , he wouldn’t have interrupted anyone else.