Nearly 20 years after Mary Jane Blige burst onto the scene with her infectious brand of hip-hop infused R&B, the New York-born singer is back to give fans what they’ve been craving—a sequel to her smash hit album, My Life.

From college dorm rooms all over the country to nearly every car on the block, Mary J. Blige’s My Life was required listening for those serious about music.

When My Life was released, fans connected with its themes of love and loss and Mary’s around-the-way-girl swagger. Heavily influenced by the sample-heavy sound of hip-hop, My Life was like a modern blues album, teaming with emotion, realness, and an openness rarely found in music today.

Although Mary J. has gone on to achieve superstar status and collect platinum plaques for her albums, in the eyes of many of her fans, My Life has always been her best work.

And apparently, the reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Soul knows it too.

“From me to you, My Life II…our journey together continues in this life,” Blige said in a statement. “It’s a gift to be able to relate and identify with my fans at all times. This album is a reflection of the times and lives of people all around me.”

In anticipation of My Life II, Blige recently released the new song, “Someone to Love Me.” backed by Diddy, who was one of the driving influences behind Mary J.’s early sound.

My Life II will include production by R&B and hip-hop heavyweights such as Kanye West, Stargate, Swizz Beatz, and Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis. It is scheduled to be released September 20th.

Personally, I can’t wait.


Are you excited about Mary J. Blige’s new LP? What was your favorite song off of the original ‘My Life’ album?


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