When Taraji Henson appeared on CBS’ “The Talk”, she did more than her fair share of guest host duties. Turns out the actress let slip some deets on one of Hollywood’s most famous couples.

Standing in for regular host, Sharon Osbourne, Taraji dished with the ladies about the days hot topics and then sparked one all on her own.

When the show’s hosts asked Taraji if she had ever found herself “turned on” by Brad or visa versa, when his wife Angelina Jolie was around, Taraji said that the couples relationship thrived because the two stars allowed each other to see other people.

Though there are always rumors swirling around Brangelina, Hollywood’s hot couple has never fully copped to having an open relation. But with Taraji spilling the beans, the hosts of “The Talk” seemed to get themselves in a tiffy talking about what, if anything, Taraji’s revelation meant.

Taraji claims that actors often “see” other people outside their relationship but will draw the line when it comes to intimacy. It raises the question: does emotional sharing count as cheating? But should sex be the last frontier for fidelity?

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  • He annoys me anyway

    Was this a publicity stunt? Does someone have a movie coming out? Or, did she volunteer and they decided to use her just in case something came out about him with another man or woman. Or, likewise with his partner. He annoys me sometimes because he seems childish to me. I’m sick of hearing about his zombie existence with all those darn kids. I dont think he is much of a good person as he projects. I think he thinks he knows more than he does and I think all three of them overestimated their ego. I dont like celeb gossip.But, I am just so sick of them already.