Maybe James Frey just has a thing for talk show S&M.

According to reports, the author will be making an appearance on Oprah, again.

There is no set date for his appearance as of yet, but according to Page Six, Frey is slated to be one of the final guests on the show’s Farewell Season.

The last time Frey was on Oprah Winfrey’s couch was in 2006. And while he had been preciously picked for the O Book Club, the author received a less than bellowing welcome from the usually upbeat host. After admitting he has stretched the truth in his memoirA Million Little Pieces”, Frey endured one of Oprah’s most scathing interviews ever. After blasting him for deceiving her and her audience, Oprah showed the converse side of her media effect, plunging Frey’s careers stock way down and sending him into personal exile (sound familiar Iyanla?).

Now, in what seems to be a theme of this final 25th season, Oprah is inviting Frey back to redeem his himself. Sources told Page Six:

“Oprah apologized to James a couple of years ago, and he appreciated it. So he agreed to go back on her show and talk about everything that’s happened over the last five years.”

Frey will also be talking about his new controversial book, “The Final Testament of the Holy Bible”, which is set for release on Good Friday.

What’s your take on Frey’s reappearance on Oprah’s show? Will you be tuning in? Tell us what you think, Clutchettes!

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