Sunday night, I tuned in to Laurie-Ann Gibson’s new show, Dance Scene, on E! at 10:30PM. While a reality show featuring Gibson is way overdue and I love the show’s premise, I couldn’t stop myself from focusing on her half-shaved haircut.

It was two years ago exactly when Cassie first posted a picture of her half-shaved head on Twitter.



Of the debut of her new ‘do and accompanying rockstar attitude, she wrote the following:

Sometimes in life, you need a change … Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of … Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a f—‘ attitude that was always present, but never showcased … & something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR.

We get it. The cursing, the shaved head. You’re edgy now.

But even then, the look wasn’t brand new. One of my favorite innovative style icons Kelis shaved one side of her head long before Cassie got wind of a razor.



And Brazilian model Alice Dellal, who has a noted affinity for grunge and rockstars (she dated James Jagger), made the look her signature as early as 2006.



Even before that, Pepa shaved half her head in the late ’80s because, as she revealed in the movie Good Hair, her relaxer burned one side of her hair and it fell out.



When asked about the wave of half-shaved cuts, Kelis told Honey Magazine: “Well, I was definitely the first to do it. The only other person I would give credit before me is Pepa. Other than that, I expect them to copy me. What else are they supposed to do? They’re young. God bless them.”

For Kelis, Alice and Pepa, the cut seemed like an organic and emboldened display of their carefree, creative attitudes. For Cassie, it seemed like a stunt for attention.

And like most gimmicks, Cassie’s cut eventually gave way to a trend. Nearly everyone barged in their nearest barbershop to chop off half their mane including Lala Vazquez, Keyshia Cole, Rihanna, Carmen Electra, Mel B., Laurie-Ann Gibson and Toni Braxton.



And then, for the most part, they all grew their hair back (what a process that must’ve been). Except for Laurie-Ann and of course, Cassie.

Though I never embraced the look myself, I’m all for freedom of expression especially when it comes to hair. But today, the trend is outdated and overdone and I’m just tired of seeing it.

Sure both Cassie and Laurie-Ann work in the entertainment industry and they can happily shave their heads as freely and as often as they want to. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

What do you think? Are you over half-shaved hairstyles or do you love and/or rock the look? Was it a trend or a lasting style?

Check out a snippet from Laurie-Ann Gibson’s new show, Dance Scene, where she sends her assistant to get weave for the other side of her head:



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