You’ve deleted your Facebook relationship status, untagged the pictures the two of you took on vacation, and erased every trace of his memory from you place. In the heat of the moment, you’ve decided that the best way to get over your ex is to rip the band aid off of your heart and just deal with the pain, quickly, so you can move on.

After you’ve finally gotten to a place where you can hear his name without freaking out, you feel accomplished. Like you’ve finally moved on…but then it happens. Your ex calls saying he misses you, and he wants you back…as his friend.

The other day a friend of mine asked if she should be friends with her ex. They went through a very difficult, emotional break-up, and after nearly a year, he came back asking to re-friend her on Facebook. She felt it was a dangerous proposition, a slippery slope.

Although his intentions may have been to truly have his friend back, I know my girl. One day she’ll reminisce about their relationship—perhaps a song will come on that reminds her of him, or maybe she’ll glace at his picture—and she’ll be right back to the summer of 2010 when their break-up was fresh and the pain was almost unbearable.

Ultimately she turned down his offer for friendship, but it got me to thinking. I’ve seen some former couples roll right into friendship after the relationship didn’t work out, while others can’t even be in the same room together.

Why can some couples be friends after a break-up, while others can’t even utter their ex’s name?

But, what about you Clutchettes and Gents…are you still friends with your ex?


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