My friends and I have had many conversations about our ideal mate. From our dorm room days to our post-grad, professional lives, what we want in a partner hasn’t changed.

Aside from being handsome, funny, intelligent, respectable, ambitious, and spiritually aware, one thing always make the list—he has to be able to hold us down and protect our honor if another man steps to us foul. Whether you call it being a protector, an enforcer, or a ride-or-die dude, it all boils down to this: if something goes awry, many woman want to feel secure in their partner’s ability to keep them safe.

Last week on Love & Hip-Hop Chrissy (Jim Jones’ long-time girlfriend) and Somaya Reece got into it yet again. During their argument, Somaya’s manager jumped into the mix to defend his client, but wound up saying some things to Chrissy—calling her “trifling” and questioning Jim Jones’ finances—that she took as utter disrespect.

As a result of the argument, Chrissy called Jim to relay the fact that she felt disrespected by Somaya’s manager, and I’m assuming, to get him to rectify the situation (to defend and restore her honor). And just as she knew he would, Jim went off.

Jim Jones’ response—to storm into the restaurant and intimidate Somaya’s manager into an apology—satisfied Chrissy, and I’m assuming, made her feel like once again Jim had her back.

Although this display took place on TV, I’ve seen it play out time and time again in real life as well. A women feels disrespected for whatever reason and employs her man to handle it, but should she?

Clutchettes and Gents…do we really want our partners to fight for us?

Let’s talk about it.


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  • arlette

    No i actually think it iis a bit sexist to expect man to risk their lives to protect women and be the hero all the time. Would any of you get in to a physical altercation if some girl was talking shit about your man? What if the man your man was defending you from got really violent, what if your man ended up in hospital?

  • mluv

    i’d want my man to fight for me but not over something juvenile. I saw this episode and it just seemed like jim wanted to fight that dude over something HE SAID. I didn’t see the whole thing but I found it very childish and immature. It makes you feel better to threaten someone and gang on up them like that? And then to make a video about it so they can post it on youtube or something? I just found that scene to be stupid and they wanted ratings. these MEN need to stop acting like children, they could have handled it a better way, it’s not all THAT serious.