Remember when the only curse words you heard uttered on TV were “damn” and “hell”? Or when sex wasn’t blatantly displayed, but rather suggestively hinted about, as to not offend those watching? Well, those days are definitely long gone.

Recently I came across an article on AdAge that took a look at why and how TV shows are pushing the envelop by displaying sex, violence and using obscenities on air.

The article, “Why $#*! Our TVs Say Is No Longer Taboo,” wonders:

And yet, argues one broadcast executive who declined to be identified, TV “evolves with the culture,” not the other way around. “We reflect culture more than leading it,” this executive said.

If that’s the case, TV networks — cable and broadcast — are showing us a world in which the harshest profanities, grisliest scenes and most private sex acts have become as much a part of our daily routine as brushing our teeth or drinking coffee. CBS’s “The Good Wife” this season depicted its main character receiving oral sex from her husband (no nudity), before cutting away to a commercial (imagine being the sponsor whose ad showed up next). CW’s “90210” has shown a teenage boy receiving oral sex in a parked car.

That’s a far cry from “I Love Lucy” or “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” in which networks were fearful of even letting spouses be depicted sleeping in the same bed. Why just as recently as 1990, CBS caused a stir when it aired an episode of sitcom “Uncle Buck” in which a child yelled “You suck!” in the show’s opening moments.

What happened? While some may posit the nation has grown coarser over time, some observers suggest technology is the real culprit.”

So what do you think Clutchettes and Gents? Has TV evolved with our culture or is it leading the march toward sex, violence, and obscenities becoming the norm?

Let’s talk about it!


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  • Isis

    For sure! If I had kids I would closely censor what they can and can not watch.

  • yes yes yes

    Tv and society greatly impacts are society anyone says otherwise is in denial. Most kids though today rather not watch tv. They rather play video games or be on facebook. It use to be texting remember now its facebook. I wonder what it will be next going back to the ole days full cirlce and just going outside and having fun in that way.

    I remember being a kid of the 80s and tv was so geared to kids. It was ridiculous. I think kids own tv. We had such wholesome shows but oddly they were really corny but still really good. Good writers back then and good content. People are not as talented these days and it shows by what they put together. No show these days last long. I remeber in the 80s so many commericals were on after every show and Toys R us I swear came on all year long every day.

    Kids would sing that song and there were so many things geared to tv. When the 90s came hard raps exploded and people started also looking at black people in a different light. Not necessarily in my opinion for the better. People also started to interact with each other differently different things in society and trials happened and it effected the tone of society and what was on tv. Tv basically began to suck and les and less black people were on tv other than Martin Lawrence and Will Smith and people started to complain which I didnt see as a big deal. I think there was fair amout of representation. Look in comparison to now. And, the quailty of what black people are doing is even worse.

    Now black people or more intergrated into white shows but they get roles that are awful in my opinion. I rather they not be on. There is more sex now on tv more vulgarity but it is clean cut vulgarity. It is more raunchy because it is not funny. I cant stand that show with that wayans kid on it. It is so ridiculous and stupid. If that is supposed to be entertainment than facebook will be around for a long time.

    Tv exes need to step their game up and bring more quality entertainment.

  • ksjkfo

    Kids in the 90s were raised off of tv. Kids in the 80s played outside a lot. Kids in the 80s often played outside so long that parents had to go bring them in. Kids in the 80s probably spent more time outside than in and when they did watch tv it was of quality and their was plenty of shows to choose from. I remember when the little things that would not even be seen as inappropriate they would announce on tv in the 80s on tv and say you may want your kids to leave the room if they could only see these heathens now.

    • Isis

      Exactly!!! I was born in 1980. I begged to go outside even if was 20 degrees outside. I hated being in the house. Totally different than how my brother, who was born in 1990, and kids younger than him were raised.

  • ksjf

    I grew up in the 80s and 90s. I hated when the 90s came it was not as fun and pure and innocent as the 80s even with all the drugs going on in that era! LOL??? We went from Michael jackson man in the mirror to H*$ bring that big beep over here!LOL Tv was begining more raunchy and the simpsons and all these other knock off cartoon shows had pew brain people even more pew brained! I think though there is not overwhelming issues of sickness as lewdness and etc.

    • kd

      Tv has raised alot of latch key black kids from ignorant fathers and overwhelm and no time to teach their kids some sense mothers and alot of latch key keys with white unattentive parents so that they kids can go coo coo with them. I have three kids I want them to focus on their studies and have fun but I want to enjoy quality! But it is hard to find it. Nickeloden is a sad example of quality they can be a little raunchy to they also make the black kids and biracial kids ignorant or have shady scenes and roles for them. Dont like!

  • binks

    Yes, there is no question about it. Even the most seemingly innocents shows are foul if you really pay attention. I remember half of the stuff kids are watching today my parents would have never let me watch but it goes to show you how much times has change. Heck, I remember when saying the word “period” on TV when it comes to maxi pads/tampons was taboo…lol. But as mention I don’t think it so much the content itself but the fact that programming has dumb down with no proper story telling, message, etc. shows right now seem to give just the shock value than anything else. But oh well…at least there is always books