Between Arielle Loren’s article on “Rediscovering the ‘Erotic’” and the fact that summer is thisclose, I’m jonesing to break out my passport and travel to a far off land.

Unfortunately, my pocketbook will not permit me to really throw caution to the wind and jet set to the south of France or Tahiti or spend a month in Jamaica like I’d like, but a girl can dream right?

Although I do have a few trips coming up (NOLA here I come!), I love thinking of (and even planning) vacations I’d like to take.

For me, if I had the cash on hand, I’d be strolling the streets of Paris, taking in an exhibit at the Louvre, eating fresh baguettes, and watching the b-boys and girls break it down on the Terrace overlooking the Eifel Tower.

But enough about me.


Clutchettes and Gents, if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?



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