I love movies. I love quirky independent films, Hollywood blockbusters, and everything in between. My Netflix queue stays on swole because I’m always finding new films to add. In my ideal life, I’d be able to watch an interesting film every night, but alas other things (grading papers, writing, my son) always manage to eat up whatever free time I may have left.

On those occasions when everything is done, and my son sleeping soundly, I turn to my Netflix queue (or my DVD collection) and fire up a film.

But what to watch?

My collection is so deep and massive, that deciding what to watch can almost be overwhelming. If I can’t find an interesting film that I haven’t seen, I fall back on those I love—The Godfather, A Bronx Tale, Raising Victor Vargas, Broken English, Mo’ Betta Blues—to name a few.

But what about you, Clutchettes and Gents? What is your favorite movie of all time?


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  • growing up, sparkle was my all-time fave movie. almost famous, malcolm x, almost all mobster movies rank high with me. absolutely loved hangover. oh yeah…the royal tenenbaums. i’m sure there are others i’ll kick myself for forgetting later.

    • Damali

      thank you for mentioning Sparkle – my daughter & I love it & know all the songs plus the steps. We were disappointed that the soundtrack album was Re Re instead of Sister and the Sisters. What can I do……..with this feeling.

  • i forgot to mention vicky cristina barcelona and caramel…

  • nameless

    Sugar Hill!!!

  • L

    Mo Better, Friday, Five heartbeats, belly (as a comedy)