Last week’s QOTD asked if you’d stay with a partner who cheated. While most of the respondents said they’d leave, many of you—mostly married men, interestingly enough—said you would work through your partner’s infidelity.

Unfortunately for some, a cheating partner can leave more than just heartache behind. Unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and infections can also be very real consequences of dipping out on your mate, but can this be worked out too?

Yesterday, a comment on the QOTD post about knowing how many partners your boo has been with in the past, got me thinking.

Chiming in on the topic, opinionatedgal aptly stated, “I think it’s more important to discuss safety, STD testing and whether or not someone regularly practices safe sex than to know the number of partners.”

But what if you and your partner got down, before getting tested, and you walked away with more than just the morning after glow?

Would you stay with a partner who gave you an STD?

Let’s talk about it!


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  • Fox

    Quit lying. Some people (maybe some of you) would be so afraid to tell a new person about your STD (if incurable, like herpes or something), that you might consider getting back with or staying with the person who gave it to you. It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about rejection and embarrassment.

    You can’t say until that situation presents itself. Unless you keep it a secret from the next man and be trife and don’t tell him like the last guy did you. Think about it.

    That’s like women who have never gotten pregnant saying they would get an abortion. You don’t know till it hapens.


    I recently contracted Gonorrhea from a partner i i not trust. So I shouldn’t have been shocked or surprised right? No I was devastated and heart broken because he cheated and burned me. The story just keeps getting better but I want to end this by saying follow your gut. Every situation is different and I want to say I wouldn’t get back with him but most people do just the opposite. It is easy to say no b4 actually it happens. But we as human beings dont use our brain the way we should.