With our ever-expanding social networks, meeting someone you vibe with who lives 30 miles or 3000 miles away is totally possible. Whether you meet that person online via a friend of a friend’s Facebook page, while feverishly exchanging hilarious tweets, at an out of town conference, or while on a weekend girlfriend’s getaway, finding someone who “gets” you and with whom you have a connection just doesn’t happen every day.

But if your potential partner lives miles and miles (and an airplane ride) away would you still pursue it or fall back and wonder about what could have been?

Although many people swear off long distance love, sometimes it is unavoidable. Today, people move more frequently to pursue jobs and educational opportunities than in previous generations. Gone are the days when folks would work at a company for 40 years, then retire. Now, many of us switch jobs (or careers) every few years, which may lead us to different cities around the country, or even the world.

Although not seeing your boo whenever you want can be difficult, maintaining a long distance relationship is possible. Like with any relationship, communication and trust is key. A long distance relationship will not survive if one person is constantly worried if their partner is being faithful. Moreover, it is easy to feel disconnected from your partner if you don’t communicate often enough.

While long distance relationships are not impossible, they do require substantial commitment and work. And if you love that person, one thing is clear—eventually someone will have to move.

So Clutchettes and Gents, would you pursue long distance love? Have you?

Let’s talk about it!


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