As he gears up to drop his new album, Les Is More, seems Ryan Leslie wants to show fans a different side of himself.

In his new video for his single, “Glory”, the singer and producer raps over a rock set.  He’s no Hov, but the rhymes are not too actually not too shabby.  Ye has no need to worry, but Diddy should probably tremble a tad.

The straight hip-hop choice is a different look for the star, but it is a good one? Check out the video to decide.



What do you think of R. Les switching up the genres? Love it or leave it alone? Tell us what you think, Clutchettes!

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  • Mike Todd

    Sounds like a poor man’s checked down version of Kanye West. I appreciate art, but when is hip hop made by definitively masculine men going to come back. No offense to RL, but he represents this brand of metro sexual part homo sexual (not saying that he is) brand of non-masculine rapper that has consumed hip hop with in the last couple of years. Gone are the manly Eric B. & Rakim’s, KRS1’s, the Heavy D’s, the Brand Nubian’s, The Boot Camp Clicks and so on.

    RL’s song is pretty dope to be honest and my critique is not necessarily directed at RL because over all he is a good artist, but it’s the industry as a whole that has emasculated black men through Hip Hop and R+B with Lil This and Li’ That and has shunned deep voiced alpha males in an obvious attempt to neutralize and anesthetize descent in the black community. Im just saying when are we going to recognize and demand our men back.

    • I hate diabetic raps

      What difference does it make with rappers like j.cole and drake coming to the forefront. It is wonderful that they do well and make money. I am not knocking that. They will succeed in that department because people are willing to be easy for as cheap as their entertainment.

      No well in heck, 7 years ago would they be anywhere but where wyclef is and was with remixes out of the back of a truck like they use to sell meats in vans back in the 80s.

      Nicki Minaj, she is not bad, but she could do much better. She is not consistent and one gets tired of her powdering herself down and going looney. It is cute and touching I like it. I admire it channels my multiple felines but her raps dont match up to her bulldonkadunk and antics. However, I like to see any black woman do well. Its not that I dont like her. Its just she could do better. I dont think she could flow like Lil Kim but I dont think they are rivals and that one is better or best. I really care not to see or comment on that. Lil Kim really started rap for women no one can take that away from her. She is gifted. Trina and Foxy are too.

      I listen to r&B but I know good and bad musics from different genres. I know when they suckey or lucky or they are the good or at least tolerable.

  • EmpressDivine

    I had no intention of commenting on this article cuz I don’t like Ryan Leslie like that but the above comment by Mike Todd is freakin hilarious. Jay-Z, Jeezy, Nas, T.I., and 50 Cent all retired and nobody mentioned it. Shunned deep-voiced males? Rick Ross don’t count I guess. Whenever the word “emasculate” is used some BS is sure to follow.

  • Mlady

    I’m a bit confused by this article. Ryan Leslie has been rapping for years.

  • troble

    If you think this a new genre for Ryan Leslie, you guys are not true fans. He started off with.rap. Hes a great producer, artist, and performer. The matter of enjoying.his rap is you opinon.