How many times has Reggie Love worn flip-flops on Air Force One? According to the presidential aide–just once.

Love, who serves as President Obama’s Special Assistant, dished about being given the side-eye for wearing casual sandals on the Commander-in-Chief’s plane (and more) in a recent interview with NBC Washington.

The former Duke alumnus played on a team that Jalen Rose vehemently hated, but says he received some great lessons from legendary Coach K. Speaking of going through the Duke basketball system, Love compared his old coach to his new boss, saying both men are “very straight shooting.”

Not only is Love Obama’s right hand man, he is also his basketball partner. Obama once called love “the best athlete I’ve ever played with.” Though it’s a flattering accolade, Love says he’s since lost that title now that the President was able to play a pick-up basketball game with Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat.

All in all, Love seems like a grounded guy–quick to lend a hand without needing to garner the praise.  As the President’s re-election campaign heads into full swing, we’re sure to be seeing more and more of Obama’s right hand man.

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