I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ran out of the house in the morning with my shirt or blazer inside out, which does not even include the times it was inside out AND upside down. Moreover, it was one time too many for a grown woman leaving the house to make money and not finger painted pictures in a kindergarden class.

I’m an acclaimed Team TBDM (Too Busy Doing Me) member, but honestly there were many times I did not put as much energy into myself as I did into other people, things and matters that just weighted me down. I noticed that I would often be in a haste when it came to matters that only concerned me. In result, my appearance would take a hit because of my decreasing motivation due to the negativity, which is the ultimate no-no. So, I had to get to the root of the issue and deal with it. Why do I put others before myself? Why do I feel guilty for saying no so I can benefit? I also wrote down action steps to help remember that Me is not a bad word. I am taking my time to have more balanced days and a life period.

Here are 12 ways to help you take your time, beautiful (for your outer and inner appearance):

1) Get your beauty sleep. We hear this all the time because it’s very important. The more sleep you get the better you look and feel. Period. Besides drinking water like a camel, it’s the most significant and inexpensive thing you can do to stay looking good.

2) Get up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. Try that for a week to a month then add 15 more minutes until you get to a point to where you want to stop. Use that extra time available for you to take your time to do everything in slow motion from applying your eyeshadow to selecting your shoes is worth it.

3) Take out clothes beforehand. Still listening to your mother is OK. You can even just pull out a few accessories or at least the top you’re sure you’re going to wear. You’ll have less to figure out in the morning.

4) Have a special action in morning/night routine. Every morning I head straight to my refrigerator for a fresh glass of water. It always hit the spot. It’s refreshing, and it gives me this immediate upbeat feeling. Sometimes, I drink warm tea two hours before bedtime to wind down. Blast your favorite Kanye song, sing in the shower, or anything that can help keep you in control of your mood.

5) Eat breakfast. It is the most important part of the day, and really sets the tone for the way you eat for the rest of the day. So, take your time to heat instant oatmeal or grab a bagel if you can’t cook a full meal.

6) Exercise. If you’re still having a hate/love relationship with the gym, take the stairs in your apartment building or at your job (if possible) or even take the route with an extra block or two.

7) Keep up with beauty fashions. Make magazine collages. Put sticky notes or draw little hearts by new looks. You’ll be taking time to keep up your appearance and it will make your morning more interesting and fun since you’re trying something new.

8) Try something new daily. It can be difficult, but I try my best to always keep something fresh like simply taking a different route to work. It makes change and growth a current theme in my life.

9) Meditate. Morning. Midday. Night. You choose. It’s always good to have at least 15 to 30 minutes of just relaxing–being disconnected from the Internet, work, family and even your thoughts. Appreciate the “art of doing nothing.”

10) Do “Me” Activities. Engage in an activities that allow you to think about yourself without knowing it like making a vision board. (http://clutchmagonline.com/lifeculture/feature/visualize-it-how-to-get-what-you-want-in-2011/)

When you’re flipping through the magazines, you may find a story you forgot to read or a beauty tip you did not try yet.

11) Let go of daily issues. Before heading to bed, have a pep talk with yourself.

because most of the time it’s You don’t need any unnecessary stress on your face.

12) Be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes I have my headphones on but I let my surrounding be my music. I listen to the cars ride by and the birds chirping. I get many ideas and a positive energy when I just walk without thinking so hard about what’s going on in my life. I often catch glimpse of some hot shoes a fellow fashionista is wearing that I would have note noticed otherwise.

Are you taking enough time for your all around beauty?

-Shavon Donnell

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