The all-star tennis player is making moves in all kinds of business ventures. She is currently a spokewoman, a fashion designer, and part owner of the Miami Dolphins. Now, she’s not just dipping her toes, but jumping full force into the rap game.

Williams was spotted in a recording studio owned by Minnesota Vikings player Bryant McKinnie. DJ Clue, a well-known hip-hop producer, is helping the former ace tennis player get her leg up on a few tracks.

According to TMZ, Williams “wasn’t half-bad” at the few tracks that she laid down.

Williams has been away from the tennis courts within the past few months after being ordered to take time off for a foot injury last year. In February, she was also in the hospital for a blood clot in her lung.

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  • Clnmike

    God to know I wouldn’t mind hearing her spit a few bars, just hope she doesn’t go the Nicki Minaj route. In fact let me pray on that now……..Oh Please sweet baby Jesus, find it in your heart to give Serena the guidance to not show her ample butt more than she already does on the court. Give her the strength to resist rapping about her coochie, oral skills and quasi attraction to women. Find mercy on her to let her also keep her sanity unlike L-Boogie and refrain from all hypocrisy unlike Badu.
    Thank you lord from your favorite sinner, Amen.

    On a side note ” helping the former ace tennis player get her leg up on a few tracks” “Former” ace tennis player? Really?

    • tabula rasa

      Injured, Serena’s still better than 99% of the women’s tour right now.
      No exaggeration.

  • Nadell

    I say do it, Mrs. Williams! Heck er’body else seems to want to “dip” their way into things they have no business dipping in…(rappers/singers going into acting) — so go for it. But I hope she doesn’t abandon her tennis career totally. The sista is too good!!!
    @ Clnmike….you are a mess w/ your prayer! LoL!

  • tabula rasa

    Don’t do it Serena! Haha. I LOVE her btw.
    I think it’s just for fun b/c she’s really good friends w Bryant McKinnie. Hey, if I had access to a studio & producer, I might be in there too. lol.