It’s been 15 years since Whitney, Angela, Loretta, and Lela united on screen to bring Terry McMillan’s groundbreaking 1992 novel Waiting to Exhale to the theaters across the county. Since then, Exhale has not only been the template for many sisterhood novels, but also the boilerplate for many chick flicks.

Last year McMillan released the follow-up to Waiting to Exhale. The sequel, Getting to Happy, fast-forwards 15 years and follows Exhale’s heroines—Savannah, Bernadine, Robin, and Gloria—as they balance life and love and try to finally achieve true happiness.

This morning, McMillan tweeted that the screenplay for Getting to Happy is almost finished and the film version should be in theaters sometime next year.

Could this mean the ladies of Waiting to Exhale are getting ready to reunite for the sequel?  Only time will tell, but I do know seeing them all together again would not only be a big draw for the film’s original fans, but also add another layer of richness to the film’s story.

What do you think? Would you like to see the original cast reunite for the sequel?

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