Tracy Morgan may need to keep one eye in the back of his head. The comedian’s latest joke may have secret service on his tail.
Appearing on ‘Lopez Tonight’ Morgan told host, George Lopez that he has a strong attraction to First Lady Michelle Obama. Morgan says that after introducing himself to President Obama’s wife at a correspondent’s dinner he found him self a little too happy. Morgan said:

“I looked at Michelle and she said, ‘Hi Tracy’ and I just like, I got hard…she is a beast.”

According to Morgan, the First Lady’s toned, curvy figure is just his type.  The comedian said:

“Michelle looked like a tall mountain and I wanted to climb it just cause it’s there — just cause it’s there, like Kilimanjaro.”


While his comments seem to be made in jest, some people have said that Morgan’s comments cross the line. The uproar is similar to the retaliation many gave to Katt William when he said that he thought up close, that Michelle Obama’s hair smelled like Motion’s hairspray.

What do you think Clutchettes- are jokes about the First Lady all in good fun or are they crossing the line? Share your thoughts!

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  • Nadell

    Well, First Lady is a very attractive/sexy woman! Not to say that her exquisite attributes gives the approval to be crass nor am I condoning his actions because of her beauty. But w/ decorum, he should’ve kept his mouth shut. Or at least simply state how attractive he finds her to be and state it in the most decent way possible.

  • D-Chubb

    She’s a beast. Wow!

  • Lauren

    He’s an A##HOLE plain and simple.

  • Mogami-san

    What happened to respect?

    Has the whole country forgot that Barack is THE President and that Michelle is THE First Lady.

    You don’t stuff like that about a lady. It’d be simple enough to just say, “Michelle Obama is gorgeous!” It’s not appropriate to know that you want to climb her. Making sexual jokes is not funny at all. If American’s can’t respect their own FLOTUS, what country will?

    I agree with [email protected]+ART