He gets it a lot, we know, but we have to say it- Christopher Wallace Jr. is the splitting image of his father. And this May, the son of late rapper Notorious B.I.G and singer Faith Evans will find his own spotlight, starring alongside comedian and actor Will Ferrell in “Everything Must Go.”

In the film, Wallace plays Kenny Wallace, a kid who helps Ferrell’s character, Nick Halsey, sell his belongings in a yard sale. After losing his job, wife and home all in one day, Halsey ventures on a cathardic journey to lose his poessesions and get back his peace.

The role is a more serious one for Ferrell, the comedian of SNL fame and classics like “Anchorman.” But while dramatic, “Everything Must Go” seems to have enough humor to get audiences through. In the trailer released today, audiences get a glimpse of the great chemistry between Wallace and Ferrell’s characters.

“I wanna learn how to play baseball.”

“Why don’t you want to learn how to play soccer?”

“Black people don’t play soccer.”

“Whole continents of black people play soccer.”

Seems like it will be a funny, heartwarming film and definitely a great look for Biggie Jr. as well.  “Everything Must Go” hits theaters May 13th.

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  • Dream J.

    Can’t wait

  • Mlady

    It looks good. Reminds me a little of ‘About a Boy’.

  • I think there is a story that this movie is trying to tell us. unfortunantly no one will learn. If you have too much stuff (clothes, shoes, electronics) just get rid of it. you would like to think so but most people usually buy bigger houses or put their items in storages. ‘You can’t take it with you” I don’t have a lot of stuff and i’m truly happy for not having a lot of stuff. I wish everyone could feel my happiness.

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