Not too long ago, I tuned into a talk radio show. The topic was about a Manitoba judge who had let a man off the hook for rape because the victim was flirtatious and dressed provocatively, which supposedly lead the rapist to believe that sex was on the menu that ill fated night. The judge also excused the man’s conduct by dubbing him a “Clumsy Don Juan.” After the host presented the topic, he encouraged listeners to call in and voice their opinion.

This was the nature of many of the calls made:

“Well, if you’ve got a hundred dollar bill hanging out of your back pocket, don’t be surprised if it goes missing.”

“We’re animals…we can’t control ourselves. If a woman wants to walk around in a tube top, what do you expect?”

“Men are visual.”

Now, call me naive, but I was convinced that the ridiculous notion that a woman’s choice of clothing could provoke or prevent sexual assault was gone for good. Unfortunately, much like Mohawks and colored leggings, this foolish belief has made a comeback.

I wondered why. After all, it’s 2011,and we all should know better. Whatever happened to “No Means No! “? –no matter how short or tight the skirt may be?

I suppose what I found most disturbing was the ease with which the callers–overwhelmingly male–justified the rapist’s actions. According to those Neanderthals, the blame lies with women. In their little minds, if only women dressed modestly, men would refrain from violating them. It’s as simple as that.

Had I called in, my response to those poor excuses for men would have been, in the words of Saturday Night Lives’ beloved character, Church lady,  “How convenient!”

Men have always been regarded as the superior gender. They’re, allegedly, far more logical, goal oriented and stronger; both mentally and physically. Sounds like a pretty solid group, n’est ce pas? Why, then, would a scantily clad woman have the ability to reduce such an exceptional bunch into a pack of wolves?

If this theory had any merit, why aren’t topless dancers being raped onstage? Are patrons better equipped to restrain their “animalistic tendencies” in the midst of security?

Once more, with feeling, folks – how convenient!

The truth of the matter is women are sexually assaulted in the U.S every two minutes because men choose to sexually assault women. Point blank. The victim’s style of dress, whether it may be similar to Amber Rose or Michelle Obama’s, is irrelevant.

My only hope is that those who wish to sexually assault women due to their lack of  “self-control” and the victim’s attire get put away for life and share a cell with a 6’9″ monster named Bubba who suffers from the same affliction.

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